OnePiece selling like hot cakes in Harrod’s Snow+Rock store

I visited the Snow+Rock store in Harrods last week to see how OnePiece is selling there.  On the shop floor, there were just three pink OnePieces and one small black with white cuffs!  I asked the staff about how sales were going – and they told me they were flying out, and they will be getting more stock in next week if I wanted one!

I also went to see Snow+Rock in Covent Garden – they had a few more in stock, but not many!  It seems, certainly across London, that these OnePiece jumpsuits are favourites on shoppers Christmas lists!  OnePiece has appeared in Stuff magazine this month as one of the UK’s top 100 buys for Christmas!


New designs available through Snow+Rock

These two new designs have just become available through Snow+Rock’s online store, and indeed, in their actual stores!

The dark grey OnePiece comes in at £99.99, and the striped OnePiece at £120.  You’ll probably pay shipping on top of that.

Can’t get these from at the moment, but hopefully they will introduce some of these designs soon!

These are going to be major over Christmas, so get in quick before stock runs out.

Snow+Rock stocking OnePiece…

Snow+Rock are the first UK retailer to stock OnePieces!

Here’s what skiinfo says about them, “Described as the ultimate ‘must-have’ for the coming winter, it will be available from November 20th.

“Remember your favourite weekend sweatshirt and jogging pants? Now imagine them as the funkiest items in your wardrobe and you’ve got the massive trend that is the OnePiece!” says Snow+Rock’s Claire Collins.

“The OnePiece is the perfect leisurewear for relaxing – whether in the chalet after a hard day on the slopes, on a long haul flight, lounging around at home after work, on the sofa nursing a hangover, or just watching movies on a rainy Saturday afternoon!”

The OnePiece is already a hit with celebrities across the nation (including Davina McCall, Meg Mathews, Pixie Geldof, Nick Grimshaw, Sadie Frost, Jude Law and Westlife [and X Factor’s One Direction!]) and has been featured in The Times as ‘this season’s hot item’ and Snow+Rock is currently the only place you can try one before buying!

Ranging from £100 – £130 (depending on colour combinations and patterns) they’re a unisex design and once you try one on you won’t want to take it off – as demonstrated by Sadie Frost out walking her dogs recently!

“Get yourself one for the Christmas party season, or your next trip to the mountains, or for chilling at the weekend – and you can also get your other half a matching one as a Christmas gift! We expect them to fly off the shelves so make sure you get yours quick…” says Claire.

OnePiece will be launched into the following Snow+Rock stores – Kensington; Chelsea; Covent Garden; Harrods; Chertsey; Manchester Didsbury and Manchester Chill Factore

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Good tip: Go into these stores to see them for yourself – touching something before you buy will convince you that you’ve got to have one!

Then, order through – ‘why’, I hear you say?  ‘Surely I could save money buying in a store – I wouldn’t have to pay shipping!’  True, but if you buy two – you get free shipping!

I can’t wait to see OnePieces in stores – see for yourself!  Gotta zip up for Christmas!  If you can’t afford one yourself, how about asking for one for Christmas?!