OnePiece – Hands by One Direction

Well, it’s here! This is what you Directioners have been waiting for – the One Direction Hands OnePiece! Available to pre-order now.

Ever since the OnePiece™ brand was born, the jumpsuits have become extremely popular with celebrities across the globe. The guys in One Direction love their jumpsuits as well and we decided to do a design together with Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall & Liam. We had a design session in London earlier this year, which was tons of fun and the results are now available in a limited edition “Hands made by One Direction” jumpsuit. A jumpsuit with a personal touch from the guys and OnePiece™.

Each OnePiece is personalised by one band member, so you can choose whose hands you want! Or maybe you’d like the All Over Print featuring the whole band’s hands!

And Cheryl Cole loves hers



One Direction v JLS Onesie War

SugarScape have been getting their readers to vote on who looks the best in OnePiece? What do you think? JLS or One Direction?

You can find out more about the onesie war on SugarScape and check out our pictures to help you decide… who looks best? Comment below, or email us at the blog here.

OnePiece going One Direction

We all know how One Direction have loved their OnePieces over the last year since appearing in them in last year’s X Factor. Well, it was no surprise to see Louis wearing his on the massive One Direction programme on ITV2 on Wednesday evening.

Each of the One Direction boys have been wearing different OnePiece designs over the year. Some pictures from the show tonight and some other new pictures we’ve come across for you 1D fans.

If you have some 1D pictures of the boys wearing OnePiece, send them to us.

OnePiece, One Direction

Louis 1D2

Louis Tomlinson has long been a OnePiece fan since he and the One Direction boys all wore their OnePieces during the X Factor finals at the end of last year.

Since then, Louis has been seen sporting a few different designs, and One Direction fans are trying to keep up. The One Direction boys are due to release their first single in the UK charts soon. They’ve had an amazing year – this time last year, the boys didn’t know each other! Happy Birthday, One Direction!

Thanks to Elin Färlén and Li Säfvenberg for some of these pictures.


Louis 1D Louis 5 Louis 4 Louis 1D4 Louis 1D3 Louis - 1D black One Direction get New OnePieces ONEPIECE IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW... One Direction wearing their OnePieces on X Factor One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in his OnePiece   Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson wear their OnePieces to the corner shop Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson wear their OnePieces to the corner shop So they did it!  One Direction wearing their OnePieces on X Factor!  

One Direction get New OnePieces

Louis, Zayn and Naill have been into Stockholm’s OnePiece store to pick up some new OnePieces this week!  One Direction first jumped in their OnePieces back in November last year when they appeared on X Factor rehearsing in them, and also in their popular video diary, all zipped up.  They were captured right across the media world posing in their brightly coloured OnePieces, and now… they’re back.

OD supporters have been getting their hands on their own OnePieces since the five boys first wore theirs in public, and this latest shopping spree renews excitement in the jumpsuits with Louis, Zayn and Naill wearing some great designs.  Left to right – Louis in a One Life OnePiece, Zayn in a College Player OnePiece, and Niall in a new Moose OnePiece.

Keep up with the OD boys with your own OnePiece from the UK online store.  New OnePiece designs available soon.


America, are you ready to replace your Snuggie with the OnePiece?  This is the question Socialite Life is asking!

“Large pieces of fleece are certainly having their moment.  While at Perez Hilton‘s birthday party Saturday night, I noticed a few vagabonds running around in onesies.  Assuming it was part of some hipster movement,  I didn’t blink twice when a gentleman wrap in an American Flag design ran by me.  Nor did I bother to tilt my head in an attempt to read what Jason Wahler‘s jammies said  (“ONEPIECE”).”

They feature pictures from our own beloved One Direction boys wearing theirs back at the end of 2010 as they rehearsed during X Factor.  One Direction fans have been split with the news that Justin Bieber wore the same Stars and Stripes OnePiece as Niall Horan – some loving that Bieber has joined in the OnePiece fun, and others crying out that he should leave Niall’s OnePiece alone!