Liam Payne joins the @OnePiece party in London

So, OnePiece threw their massive Christmas party at Funky Buddha’s the other night, and our friend Liam Payne swung by to catch some beats.  Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted a selfie with him.

Check out this article on the Daily Mail.

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One Direction at Radio One’s Big Weekend

1DR1 1

Big OnePiece fans, One Direction have been performing at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Glasgow over the weekend, and we spotted a OnePiece cap on the very lovely drummer, Josh Devine.  Nice to see the OnePiece logo on the back of your head, Josh!

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Liam Payne (One Direction) in OnePiece cap

Liam Payne, 20, and Louis Tomlinson, 22, were pictured when they arrived at LAX airport on Thursday. Liam kept his head down as he walked through the airport and tried to go unnoticed as he wore a black OnePiece cap which covered his features. He made sure he was comfortable for the long-haul flight from England, wearing a black and white Adidas sweater which he teamed with grey tracksuit bottoms and Nike trainers.

His band mate Louis had dressed down for his flight wearing a purpley-brown baggy vest top which showed off the array of tattoos on his chest. He teamed the item with a black hoodie and trousers and wore a pair of black Vans trainers. His growing locks were swept back with a headband.

1D band members get kitted out

One Direction are about to tour, and they’ve kitted out their band with OnePiece jumpsuits!

This is Josh and Sandy, ready to hit the road with One Direction. Josh is 1D’s drummer, and Sandy is their bass player.

You can follow them on Twitter @JoshDevineDrums and @sandybeales to get some of the inside story of the 1D boys as they tour. They start in London on 22nd Feb.

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