Focus on the Slow Motion AW15 lines

So, the new lines have been out a few days… what’s your favourite pieces?  Here’s ours…

walk-sweater-dark-grey-melange-1_628x1156 slowdown-hoodie-black-5_628x1156 slow-pant-depth-blue-melange-1_628x1156 slow-hoodie-depth-blue-melange-2_628x1156 patch-jumpsuit-black-3_494x790 motion-zip-hoodie-dark-2_628x1156 monaco-college-jacket-dark-grey-melange-black-1_628x1156 london-college-sweater-dark-grey-melange-3_628x1156 lag-zip-hoodie-black-4_628x1156 fast-jumpsuit-black-1_628x1156 bezerk-pant-dark-grey-melange-1_628x1156 berzerk-jumpsuit-midnight-blue-1_494x790 berzerk-jumpsuit-black-2_628x1156 berzerk-jumpsuit-black-1_494x790 aviator-onesie-black-1_312x578


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