@OnePiece Pop Up NYC Opening Party

So the big news this week was the brand new OnePiece pop up store in New York City… wanna see the store for yourself?  Wanna see who turned up when the doors opened?  Of course you do.

OnePiece NYC is the first store in the world to accept social media currency.

From OnePiece.com:

We just opened our new east coast flagship store, OnePiece Pop Up NYC, in the heart of Soho – at 557 Broadway. The store will be the first, if not the only, in the world to offer a unique way to shop called #SocialCurrency. This innovative retail concept will enable customers to leverage their social followings across multiple platforms towards in- store purchases.

From November 7th through November 17th you will be able to connect your social media accounts to the OnePiece ambassador system, known as “PieceKeepers” in store. Once synced, the PieceKeepers platform will calculate the customers’ following across all linkable platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn) to determine their total social following. This number will then be computed into a dollar amount, where every 500 followers are equal to $1. Customers have the ability to earn an additional $20 to use towards purchases when they upload and share an image from the store (with the hashtag #SocialCurrency). It is possible for customers to earn up to $500 to use towards their in-store purchases through the use of Social Currency.

The New York City OnePiece store is located at 577 Broadway and will be open from 10AM to 9PM, seven days a week from November to January. So if you’re in town, pop on by to say hello! 

NYC open


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