Opening day for OnePiece NYC store!

So, today OnePiece brings the world another pop up store, this time in New York City.  But there’s something very different about this store… you could walk out if the store with a bag full of OnePiece goodies without paying a penny!

OnePiece NYC accepts social currency.  The more followers and friends you have online, the less cash you pay.  Instead of using your money, you post your love for @OnePiece online and so the reach of the brand goes further and further.

Angela Simmons from the US TV show ‘Run’s House’, (also a fashion designer and shoe queen!) was there to help launch the new store, and OnePiece fanatic, Aaron Tell was the first customer!

The store is open until mid-January.  Go shop.  (See New OnePiece store opening this week in New York City)

If you can’t get to NYC any time soon, take a discount code for shopping online from us!





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