OnePiece according to Amy Valentine

Blogger Amy Valentine has confessed her love of OnePiece in her recent post on

“There is one very large part of my life that I’ve been keeping secret from you all and it’s time I outed myself; on the internet I may look like I dress to the nines every day, but in reality – I spend about 70% of my time monging about in a onesie.  For this reason, of course I jumped at the chance to review a OnePiece.”

“The quality of the OnePiece is second to none, it’s super soft and fluffy on the inside, with a slouchy fit and just feels like you’re wearing a cloud.  The legs are super long so cover your feet as slippers, the hood is big and zips all the way to the top (still don’t understand that function) and there are four pockets, two of which zip up which is a huge bonus – I’m 5′ 10′ and got a size S if you’re wondering.  There’s also a ton of details that make the jumpsuit top of the range, I absolutely adore mine and cannot recommend one enough (I’m actually wearing it right now!).

Although the con of this onesie is that it’s unisex, meaning your boyfriend will steal it – not impressed Alex.”

OnePiece featured:  Marius grey/white/navy.  (Purchase from for £159, or £135 with a discount code from


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