New York Times Sochi Store

The New York Times stopped by our Sochi Concept Store to test out our jumpsuits and to do a piece on the OnePiece fever hitting the Olympic town.

An excerpt from the article on By SAM DOLNICKFEB. 21, 2014

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — The German bobsledders had a day off before their competition began, so they decided to go shopping in the charming Alpine village that has sprouted in the mountains above Sochi.

They ignored both the wildly overcrowded McDonald’s and the Russian version of an Irish pub, and ended up, like so many before them, in Russia’s first store dedicated solely to adult onesies.

“I love it!” squealed Sandra Kiriasis, a pilot with Germany’s bobsled team, as she admired a gray onesie with a snowflake design. Franziska Fritz, her partner on the sled and in shopping, already had a onesie at home and was in the market for another.

Within moments, they were hustled to the dressing room with matching black onesies, which they proceeded to buy.

A onesie, as the German Olympians were well aware, is a one-piece outfit with a zipper from crotch to head that is usually worn by very young children — think of Mickey from “In the Night Kitchen.” It slips over diapers. It absorbs spit up. And now, it’s for grown-ups, or at least grown-ups who don’t mind looking like they’re headed to naptime.

Read the rest of the article on here.


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