10 Reasons Why YOU Need a OnePiece This Valentines

This Valentines Day where will you be? With your loved one exchanging adorable gifts and looking forward to a night of passion? Or out with your mates celebrating the single life?

Either way this romantic holiday is not one to stress about! Alone or together, OnePiece bring you the perfect LOVERwear.

Here are 10 Reasons why YOU need a OnePiece this Valentines…..

  1. If you are spending Valentines with your man or gal, you don’t want to be out crammed like sardines into the local Michelin Star sharing your meal with at least 5 other couples! – Stay in bed. In a OnePiece. Simple.
  2. A OnePiece eliminates the awkward ‘undressing each other in a sexual manner’ no tugging off skinny jeans or laborious unbuttoning, just one zip all the way down, actually if you’re feeling adventurous why not try keeping it on 😉
  3. Roses and chocolates are super boring, and you can’t wear them.
  4. Valentines Day was created by the Ancient Romans, who wore all in one Togas, the onesie is just a 21st century take on this. #throwback (a couple of thousand years)
  5. Its February in England and therefore still fu*king freezing, our heavyweight OnePieces will keep you nice and toasty if you need to nip out to grab a few erm ‘bedtime essentials’.
  6. If alone on Valentines you can easily shut the rest of the world out and stick two fingers up to that smug little cupid, because you are comfy, and ok with the fact that the only threesome you will be part taking in is with Netflix and Dominoes.
  7. The loose-fit of our original and traditional onesies allow sooo much room for activities.
  8. Red is the colour of Lurve and we have the Original Ravenous Red, Pink and Black in a number of styles available on our website and in-store.
  9. Valentines day backwards spells Yad Senitnelav, which is actually the Norwegian for ‘you absolutely need a onepiece for valentines day’, HOW fitting?
  10. You may be single and lonely on Valentines but the minute you order one of our exclusive onesies you instantly become part of the OnePiece family – we got your back!

Wishing you all the Love in the world for this Valentines Day however you may be spending it! Check out our hand picked suggestions Right Here

Piece And Love



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