Why YOU NEED a OnePiece to survive Freshers Week ’13

Seeing as we aspire to place OnePiece in the Top 10 University Essentials – only just above mutilated Mr Cuddles, there is no reason why mum or dad should be complaining about how much precious space your OnePiece takes up in the car.

If we haven’t already convinced you to invest in this seasons must have loungewear for freshers week, here is 8 examples of comprehensively tried and tested incentives.

1) Wearing a OnePiece is a great ice-breaker for the first moving in day, even if you do feel you stick out, what a great first impression to make, guaranteed kudos.

2) Its only one item to be washed – no one likes sorting whites from colours on a Sunday afternoon (yes, you are going to have to learn the ins and outs of a washing machine – just not yet).

3) You know that morning the alarm decides not to go off and you literally have 30 seconds to be out of the door? Easy, both feet in and zip up – maybe all the way up if your face tells the story of the night before.

4) You will automatically gain free entry into the OnePiece freshers events on the week, giving you the opportunity to meet ‘like-minded individuals’ Translation: Party hard with a club full of students just as comfortable as you.

5) How about lending that hot girl or guy your OnePiece to play a game of strip poker? Shortest. Game. Ever.

6) In your first week you will without a doubt have to endure fire practice in halls – this is usually on a cold October morning; I know what I’d rather be waiting around in during register.

7) For those that chose self catered, the OnePiece provides four or five extra large pockets for food shopping, especially the hood. Just don’t walk too quickly or those eggs will prematurely scramble (possibly a good thing if you didn’t manage to read up on ‘Cooking for Dummies’).

8) After acclimatising to a very hot summer I think we are all in for a shock as autumn looms and freshers flu is like a right of passage into the next few weeks of University. The OnePiece provides a snug hole for you to crawl into and also quarantine yourself, or others – dormouse style.

We hope we made the decision easy for you, now to move on to the difficulty of choosing between the mass of designs and styles we have created, seeing as you will have ample time to kill in the next couple of weeks check them out at http://www.onepiece.com. We wish you all the best in starting University and hope you have an AWESOME freshers week, and remember – #FORGETTHERULES

These are the dates OnePiece will be present at YOUR Uni during fresher’s! Email us at crew@onepiece.com to get involved.

SEPTEMBER – Oxford Brookes 17th-18th – Plymouth 22nd-25th – Birmingham 24th – Bath 28th – Warwick 30th

– York 2nd – Bristol 3rd – Loughborough 5th – Edinburgh 8th
– Aberdeen 10th – Newcastle 12th


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