Move aside please, OnePiece photographer coming through

In the middle of this picture, holding the camera, is a quite amazing lady.  She has captured some of the most wonderful OnePiece pictures we have ever seen from LA!  Her name is Emily, and featuring in many of her pictures are Allie (right, who works in the OnePiece store on Robertson Boulevard, LA) and Alex who we featured a few days ago.  Alex tried his hand at customising Allie’s white staff OnePiece, pictured below:

Such nice work, Alex – you should enter the design a OnePiece competition! So, back to Emily.  She has recently been to the Voyeur party we told you about a few days ago…

Here’s what she saw…

Wish you were there?  Maybe you were.  The best nights are spent with friends and your OnePiece.  Emily has got a whole portfolio of OnePiece pictures which we will bring you a selection of over the coming days.  Send your pictures in to us.


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