“the best thing we have discovered in Norway has been… the OnePiece”

Occasionally we get an email from someone who has really captured the spirit of OnePiece.  Today is one of those days.  Thanks to Bethany who has sent a series of pictures of herself with her friends – all students studying in the home of OnePiece – Norway.  This is what she says:

“We are a group of university students from all over the world on exchange studying at the University of Oslo for a semester. Over the last 6 months we have taken every possible opportunity to travel around Norway. We have appreciated the Northern lights and dog-sledding in Tromso, the rain in picturesque Bergen, magnificent fjords and mountains (everywhere), and of course the tall sexy Scandinavians inhibiting this weather-bipolar country. However despite the many miles covered and the extreme conditions encountered, the best thing we have discovered in Norway has been … the OnePiece.

We can’t wait to return home (long-haul flights will be verging on comfortable in a OnePiece) flaunting our new choice of leisure-wear/day-wear/evening-wear/active-wear/bed-wear/fornicating-wear/library-wear/underwear/party-wear/hang-over-wear/dress-to-impress-wear/winter-time-beach-wear/transit-wear/travel-wear/etc. Our onesys are bound to be a hit and we should probably warn Norway to expect an exponential surge in onesy-seeking tourists in the next 12 months from our respective countries. (Or we could tell them about the website…)”

“We dragged ourselves out of the library which we have been inhabiting solidly for the last week in preparation for our upcoming exams to frolic and play in our ‘2nd skin’. We hope you find some of our photos entertaining…”

Yes, we do Bethany.  Along with Bethany are: Kate, Greer, Jessie, Niles from Australia, Chloe, James, Greg from England, Montse from Spain, Belen from Argentina, Nina from Germany and Jolene from the Netherlands.

More great pictures from Bethany coming soon.  For your chance to win two OnePieces of your design – check out out current competition.


One thought on ““the best thing we have discovered in Norway has been… the OnePiece”

  1. Awesome display of onesy excellence!!
    So committed to the onesy and all of its applications..
    I’ll be visiting Norway later this year, and will purchase at least one (or five) onesies, inspired by these pics!! Only problem is – so many designs to choose from!

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