Marathon Running OnePiece

This is Jane Helyer – bank manager from Cornwall and a big fan of OnePiece!  She ran the London marathon this year and put on her Nordic Blue OnePiece after the big race for a photoshoot.  She says:

“I ran for the Variety club Children’s Charity and raised over £1,000, it took me just under 6 hours to do the marathon a lot longer than expected but the heat on the day was a real challenge.  At the end of the marathon the Variety Club held a reception for their runners and guests at the RAC club.  We were able to use the facilities, so it was a real treat to jump into a shower and have something to eat and drink, the OnePiece was the icing on the cake, such a treat to jump into it and relax, I must say I did get a lot of attention, or should I say the OnePiece did!  The photographer and the fundraising manager was totally sold and ordered one each.”

If you, like so many others, are ‘totally sold’ when you see a OnePiece – head over to the online store and choose a favourite for today.  You can always change your mind and order another tomorrow…


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