Burger and Champagne brunch in your OnePiece

What a great OnePiece picture (apart from the guy centre front in some kind of penguin onesie!)  Emma from Switzerland (Lollipop OnePiece wearer on the left) has let us post these pictures from a day out she enjoyed with her friends recently after winning a competition with her friend for the two of them and 13 friends to eat burgers and champagne at the Holy Cow Burger in Lausanne.   Why the OnePieces?  Need we ask?

Emma says, “My friend Antoine (left, blue teddy fleece) and I are both HUGE OnePiece fans and decided we had to all wear them.  We’ve been converting our friends ever since we got ours but I must admit four are mine and three his.  And other people got them from us as birthday presents.”

“We also thought that OnePiece were extremely appropriate for such a calorific meal  and we have always wanted to organize an “event” where we could all wear them and will definitely be doing more as it was such fun!”

Emma and friends – we salute you.  Nicely done – let us know when you plan to don your OnePieces again…

Left to right – Blue Teddy Fleece, Brown Teddy Fleece, Fusion Navy / Grey, White Teddy Fleece, Lollipop, Nordic Grey, Stars and Stripes, Big Print Green, Lollipop, Brown Teddy Fleece.

Emma (left) and friend Emily in their matching Lollipop OnePieces.


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