“OnePiece just killed the Snuggie”

Urban Spectator says it straight. “Are you telling me I can walk my dog in a state of supreme comfortability, not get arrested in the process, and look damn good doing it?”

“Yes, lazy yet fashion conscious cyber surfer, you certainly may!  Furthermore, you can go “free running” with your boys in urban areas, bust a choreographed dance routine out of nowhere with your crew, and if you have what it takes – pick up a few ladies along the way.”

Excitement builds here in camp OnePiece as the clock ticks down to the opening of the flagship store on N Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills tonight.  We’re expecting great things and have invited loads of people to come down.  We’re also hosting an after-party to extend the fun into the night.  Guys in the UK, as you wake up, we’ll still be partying here in LA – 8 hours behind you.  But don’t be sad, we’ll tell you everything right here.  Time to jump in, and zip up.  OnePiece.


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