First glimpse of the OnePiece party

We can bring you exclusive pictures of the OnePiece after-party here on the blog today!  However, we have so many more pictures we need to process, this is just a taster.

The evening started with the new flagship store opening on North Robertson Blvd, with so many guests, there was never enough room for everyone to get inside.  OnePieces were flying off the newly painted designer shelves, into the hands of the strictly ‘invite only’ guests.  We can bring you pictures of this stunning event over the next few days.  Then it was off into a number of taxis to the HOTTEST HOUSE PARTY OF THE YEAR – an exclusive after-party venue with impressive views over Bell Air.  Swimming pool, open fire, candy floss (cotton-candy), DJ Chris Kennedy, snacks and drinks served all night ensured everyone had an very excellent night.  (Production: the Old Fashion Group)

So, the morning after is here – and it’s time for TheOnePieceBlog to jump back on a plane back to London.  We’ll bring you more exclusive pictures of the big OnePiece night over the next few days.


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