OnePiece bike tricks // New store coming soon

The guys at the Demolition Parts Blog recently jumped in their OnePieces to do some slick bike tricks for this great shot at Long Beach, California.  Let’s take a closer look… the guy flying through the air on his bike is wearing a Marius Official OnePiece, the guy lying down on his bike is wearing a Big Print Green OnePiece (you can tell, because of the stripes on the cuffs!), and finally the guy hopping on his bike is in a Big Print Blue OnePiece.  Nice shot, guys!

Our attention has been on California for a while, and that’s because there is a new Concept Store opening next week in Los Angeles.  The OnePieceBlog has been invited along to get you the pictures and stories from what will undoubtedly be a fantastic opening event.  We’ll be asking the President and Co-founder of OnePiece, Martin Adams, to tell the story behind OnePiece‘s success around the world and to leak any exciting news about its future.


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