Coachella welcomes a new breed of OnePiece // Sadie Frost loves OnePiece

The Los Angeles Times has been to Coachella (massive Music and Arts Festival in LA) this weekend and has chosen to represent the Festival through this picture – the new member of the OnePiece family.  (PHOTOGRAPH BY: Brian van der Brug)

These great summer additions are not yet generally available, and have been exclusively released at the Festival, but be patient… summer OnePieces are coming!

Pictured above, you can see three different Stars and Stripes OnePieces.  Original with long sleeves and legs (left), the cut off sleeves and ripped off legs (centre) and finally cut off sleeves with roll-up legs (right)!  TheOnePieceBlog is not sure at this point if any of these have been personally customised (ripped off legs?) – but whatever the case… can’t flippin wait to see them in the UK store!

Sadie Frost has also been spotted wearing one of these new designs of OnePiece at Coachella, pictured below with Lisa Dwan (OP PR).  Legs seems even shorter on these!


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