Girls go to school in their OnePieces

This is Linn and Filippa, and in Linn’s words, they are, “Chillin’ in school in Norrköping (Sweden).   We love our OnePiece’s ♥”

Now, in the UK, you would only get away with this on a non-uniform day, but maybe you’ve been to school in your OnePiece?  If so, take a picture of yourself – maybe in class, or in the canteen, walking down a corridor – something that will show us just how cool you can be at school, then send us the picture with a short story about it.  The online OnePiece family love seeing and reading about others and their OnePieces!

Linn (left) is wearing a Nordic Navy OnePiece, and Filippa is in her Stars and Stripes (currently sold out from the UK store thanks to Justin Bieber wearing one recently!)

Competition is still running to win your own OnePiece.


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