South East London OnePiece crew!

Ha ha!  Three guys in their OnePieces… now that’s how to do it.  Meet Fraser (left), David (centre) and Luke (right).  The story goes…

“Fraser had one when we met, and I (Luke) wanted one, so bought it last week.  It was David’s 18th yesterday, so me and Fraser chipped in and got him one as well 😛  so last night we pre drank in them and then passed out in them when we got home around 4ish 😉;)

We have all just been laying in the sun in them and are planning a big night out on the town in them very soon.”

Thanks Luke – buying your mate a OnePiece so you can all go out in them together… that’s friendship!  Keep the pictures coming in here. Fraser is wearing a Royal Blue OnePiece, David is in the Purple OnePiece, and Luke is wearing the Nordic Navy OnePiece.


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