Now, it’s been out for a few months, and for some it was love at first sight, for others, it’s slowly becoming the most amazing thing to come out of the magical OnePiece doors!  Today, we bring you – SELBU!

This OnePiece broke the mould when it was released – for the first time in OnePiece history, that full-length zip was accompanied by eight wonderfully large and colourful buttons!

It’s made it to the catwalk and into many hundreds of fans’ hands over the few weeks it’s been available.  And like every OnePiece, it’s good for guys or girls, so what are you waiting for?  I shall be in mine tomorrow when I go to the Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC.  Where will you wear yours?

Finally, this wonderful picture of Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) appearing at the exclusive OnePiece party in LA a few days ago in his Selbu OnePieceSelbu, with your tasty buttons, we salute you!


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