A really nice set of shots for you today, featuring the Nordic Grey and the Nordic Navy OnePiece.  Many thanks to Etienne Laine for kindly allowing us to post these.  Now, we already knew that the Nordic OnePiece has become an essential to any OnePiece fan’s collection, but did you know there are now lots of different colours you can choose from to suit your taste?  Purple, Pink, Grey/Pink and Royal Blue.

It seems that we just can’t stop showing off our OnePiece wherever we go.  If you feel it’s time to get yourself a new design, there are some lovely ones to choose from just now.  Or maybe, just maybe, you love OnePiece, but haven’t got one yourself yet?  You simply dream about how it must feel to jump in and zip up?  You have your favourite colours and designs all picked out… dude, do yourself a favour!  Join the OnePiece family!  Join the thousands around the world who love their OnePieces!  Whether you will wear it everywhere you go, or just behind your front door… join us.  You’ll be in good company.

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