So, welcome along to the NEW LOOK, Official OnePieceBlog!  You may have been following the us at http://www.theonepieceblog.wordpress.com, well the story continues just here at http://www.theonepieceblog.com!

All the posts from the old blog are right here, but now that this blog is the Official OnePiece blog (woohoo!), we’ve smartened it up a little and made it easier for you to send us your pictures, videos and stories too (just use the Contact Us boxes on the right.)

Over the coming weeks and months, OnePiece has some big stuff happening all around the world, and this is where you can hear about stuff first.  Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you can keep up to date with new design releases, OnePiece news from around the world and competitions that will make you scream with delight.

It’s all happening right here.

OnePiece has grown so much over the last year, its success has amazed everyone.  This blog is also approaching its 40,000th hit since last October.

So keep those OnePieces stories and pictures coming in.  Use the Contact Us boxes on the right, or if you prefer, you can email us.


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