Three Swedes in Norwegian OnePieces

The Norwegian OnePiece has been making it’s mark on TheOnePieceBlog’s radar this week with these three Swedish guys, hitting CyberTown in the fantasticly red, wonderfully zip-up-able Norway OnePiece.

Ludvig, Rasmus and Martin make heads turn whenever they hit the streets in their OnePieces… and they also remember to take the camera wherever they go!  The guys were keen to share their love of OnePiece with you, so if you would like to join them in their Norway OnePiece gang… pop along to the online store and get yourself a Norway OnePiece for a discounted £130 (instead of £150)

Here’s Rasmus, chilling at home in his!

Another Norway OnePiece fan is planning to send some great pictures in later this week… can’t wait!  Get your OnePiece pictures on TheOnePieceBlog too.


One thought on “Three Swedes in Norwegian OnePieces

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