Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball Birthday Bash!

Perez celebrated his 33rd birthday on Saturday, and OnePiece was invited!  And what a party it was!  Featuring performances from Dita Von Teese, Macy Gray, Kat Graham, Debbie Gibson, Christina Perri, Darren Criss, Prince Poppycock, Greyson Chance, MattyB, and the beloved Selenita, Selena Gomez, surprising everyone by showing up unannounced and making a grand entrance – hidden underneath a drag queen on stilts with a big skirt – to sing happy birthday!

Below, a few pictures of those who turned up in their BLUE OnePieces to fit the theme of the party – The BLUE BALL BIRTHDAY BASH!

OnePiece co-founder, Thomas Adams (above)

Jason Wahler, Laguna Beach star (above)

Perez Hilton – birthday boy (above)


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