200,000 Facebook Likes!

Get along to the OnePiece Facebook page – ‘Like’ it, if you haven’t yet – and sign up for your chance to win BIG!

You have 24 hours from 12 noon today (Sat) until 12 noon tomorrow (Sun) to sign up – then winners will be randomly picked for your chance to win one of these prizes…

  • A weekend trip to New York!
  • 5x  100% discount codes
  • 200x   50% discount code
  • 200x   25% discount code

405 discount codes in total to be won – get signing up!  Time is ticking!

The OnePiece phenomenon was born on a sleepy Sunday morning, but who would have thought that the giddy musings of a hangover would end up creating an international fashion revolution?!  Never before has a piece of clothing fuelled such a massive worldwide social debate as the OnePiece and it began with you guys!

To celebrate 200,000 fans on Facebook, we are giving out the largest amount of discount codes in the history of our fanpage + suiting 2 of you up in the Stars and Stripes OnePiece and sending you to New York City for a weekend!

Thomas, Henrik and Knut – founders of OnePiece – Jump in


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