Next Big Fashion Trend Is The OnePiece says ‘Hollywood Life’

Hollywood Life has just announced that the OnePiece is the next big fashion trend!  Here’s what author Russ Weakland says…

“While attending the OnePiece fashion event at SupperClub on March 11, Whitney Port and I rocked the Norwegian export OnePiece to the fullest, and let me be the first to tell you I may never take it off!

The all-in-one sweatshirt/sweatpants/hoodie is one of the most comfortable lounge clothing apparel I have ever worn. I can already see myself wearing this on shopping trips, during a flight or while at work. (Which I am doing right now).

Its all purpose and patterned and the color variations make it easily the next big thing to join your daily clothing routine. The OnePiece was created in 2007 from Norwegians Thomas Adams, Henrik Nostud and Knut Gresvig and its sure to take the U.S. by storm!

Other stars that have suited up in the highly-coveted apparel are Jude Law, Kate Moss, Katy Perry to name a few, and you should be the next to get your hands on one.”

Check out the full article here, then get on over to OnePiece to order yours before the American’s buy all the stock! 😉


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