Good idea or bad idea: the OnePiece?

As a fan of OnePiece, you’ll want to jump over to the Nylon Blog today.  They’re asking the question whether OnePiece is a good idea or bad idea!  Post a comment on their article – you don’t need to sign in, so make your voice heard.

Comments don’t seem to be appearing yet – but I guess they have a moderation process!

Here’s what they say:

“Meet the OnePiece, the high-fashion version of the Snuggie.  Founded by three hungover friends (shocker), this fleece body suit was first born by sewing a pair of sweatpants onto a basic zipper sweatshirt.  It’s currently being lauded as “THE winter trend” of the year and now hanging front and center at L.A. boutique Kitson.

We’ve got to admit, they do look super comfy- in a lazy, lounging-around-the-house kind of way.  But would you wear it in public?  Faran and Liza say no thank you.  Nick says yes. In fact, he claims he will even wear it to work! (stay tuned for photos…)

What do you say!?”

Have your say now – visit the Nylon Blog.

Also – you’ll notice the Teddy Fleece OnePieces have returned to full price – £190.  Hope you enjoyed the half price season – let us know if you bought one! Email us here.


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