OnePiece at Santa Monica beach

Cheers to Eric Raptosh for this great image of OnePiece at Santa Monica beach, LA, California!  Turns out the Americans love OnePiece as much as us Brits!  Game on!  OnePiece is making huge waves around the world, and over the next few months, even greater things are being planned.  If you’ve been a OnePiece fan for as long as I have (middle of 2010), you can proudly say you were one of the first on board, and part of the success of an amazing piece of clothing.  We always knew OnePiece was more special than any other item of clothing we ever owned.

I’ve been clearing out some old clothes lately – goodbye to an old leather jacket, some polo shirts that were always a bit small for me which I thought looked good at the time, some old ripped jeans and some t-shirts.  However, I feel my OnePieces will be around until they are falling off my body through longterm wear and tear.

The designs featured in this picture are (from left to right) – OnePiece Purple Pattern, OnePiece Navy ’69’ College, Marius Official, Reversible OnePiece, OnePiece Navy ’69’ College again, OnePiece of Norway, Stars and Stripes, Nordic Navy and Lollipop OnePiece!  We’re looking forward to seeing the OnePiece Navy ’69’ College in the UK store… I hope it won’t be long.


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