More from OnePiece of Las Vegas

Inspirational pictures from OnePiece in Las Vegas!  With that big two-way zip from head to crotch… those dangly zip-tags, striking designs, zip-thru hood, pouch and soft feel… the OnePiece jump in jumpsuit is by far the most comfortable thing you will ever wear.  Nothing hanging around your waist – no belt, no trousers – just the free feeling of a OnePiece, all zipped up.  You will never look back after trying one of these.  Make a statement, wear it out.  The world will stare, and you can feel great in a OnePiece!

Some great facebook friends have been out in theirs to a kids play place recently, and we will have pictures for you tomorrow.  Watch out for the Pink Big Print OnePiece, Reversible OnePiece and the Marius Official OnePiece in action.  TheOnePieceBlog has new love for the Selbu and Reversible OnePiece lately… oh my days, I think I need to place another order.  (Reversible coming back in stock soon!)

If you, like me, need a new OnePiece – you can get yourself a great deal by getting in touch with me here or FaceBook me.  Promotional special offers of any OnePiece gives you another reason to get your order in today.


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