OnePiece road-test in Sweden

Now, you know OnePiece is big in Sweden, right?  Well, they’ve been road-testing some of the new designs there, including some of the ski-wear.  In the top picture, you can see the guy in the middle wearing the new Selbu OnePiece.  Until now, I thought this was better for girls, but seeing this guy in it – looks great!  The OnePiece with buttons and that great zip!  Look out for more buttoned OnePieces coming soon.  TheOnePieceBlog has seen at least one other design with buttons on!

Also pictured above is the Marius Official OnePiece, Nordic Navy OnePiece and Nordic Grey/Pink OnePiece.  Get them all at the OnePiece storeOnePiece is growing in strength and more great designs are coming to the UK each week.  Keep checking back for you new favourites.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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