OnePiece Reversible is HERE!

34_110219_OP_1143YES!  YES!  YES!  We’ve been waiting for this one for months!  It’s been available in Norway for ages, and it’s made it across the channel to the UK online store!  Get in!  You lovely, lovely Reversible OnePiece.

At just £120, this OnePiece is reversible!  Unique among the OnePiece family.  Wear it royal blue side out, flashing the patterned inside in the hood, or flip it inside out for a crazy criss-cross design that will stand out more than any other OnePiece!  Love it, love it, love it!

All sizes available now, and other new designs now in stock!  Big print pink (lightwight), Nordic pink (Nordic is the new name for the Marius design), Marius official (nice red hood) and the recently arrived Selbu are all new to the store, and new stock levels are coming next week for most other colours and designs – including the ever popular Royal Blue!  Watch this space!


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