OnePiece SkiWear – Launched!

It’s here, but not here!

OnePiece have just launched a new line of clothing – SKIWEAR!  Currently only available through the Norwegian store, the OnePiece Facebook page tells us about it:

“We are proud to present the new OnePiece SkiWear collection. The original idea of OnePiece was invented by three Norwegians whose concept is all about fun and living a relaxed lifestyle. Building on its huge international success OnePeice had no hesitation in expanding  its talent for innovative leisurewear to this groundbreaking technical ski collection.

Made to withstand all elements, the OnePiece ski-wear has 3-layers of active breathable materials from DuPont Active layer®, waterproof YKK® zippers and Cordura® reinforcement on all areas exposed to wear and tear. The suit provides crucial breathability under the most extreme and demanding conditions.

Norway is a country known for its rouged terrain, only 10% of the landmass is cultivable and the rest belongs to the extreme wilderness. Growing up through the depts of Norwegian winters, the OnePiece team could not have been better equipped to  imagine the ULTIMATE ski-wear outfit. It has been a long process in producing the OnePiece Skiwear and only the best materials are used in every part of the suit. Co-operating with fabric manufactures who have made NASA spacesuits and invented materials like Kevlar and Teflon, the OnePiece skiwear will keep you dry, insulated  and hip even in the most extreme conditions.

The OnePiece Skiwear is not only ideal for extreme skiing outside the slopes and serious fun in the ski park, but naturally, being a One piece,  is the trendiest  after -ski shill-out wear.

Technical specifications:

MVP: 5000 g/m2.24h (ASTM E 96 1995)

W/R: 10 000mm (ISO 811)

Shell fabric composition: 100% nylon

Back fabric composition: 100% polyester


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