Zipped up OnePiece guys – it’s Nate and Johnny!

Loving these pictures from Nate and Johnny – all zipped up in their Onepieces!  Nate here (left) is in his Marius Navy OnePiece, and Johnny is his Albannach OnePiece (on special offer from the Onepiece website currently at £115, from £125.  You can get an extra special deal on this and any other OnePiece through TheOnePieceBlog too – just read on…)

These guys have had a great night out in their OnePieces in a casino in Guildford.  Living life on the edge, guys!  lol!  More picture below, including one with other members of Nate’s family – all in OnePieces!  Also, Johnny on his own – looking very cool with his fingerless gloves and furry hat!  Wear your OnePiece with pride, jump in, zip up – OnePiece!


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