HAPPY NEW YEAR from TheOnePieceBlog!

Welcome to 2011 – and we start this year on TheOnePieceBlog by bringing you some great new clothing ideas from the people behind OnePiece.  In Norway, the designers of the OnePiece Jump in (Russedress) have been working hard on a load of great fashion ideas, some of which are featured in this short video.  You will spot the OnePiece in among hoodies, t-shirts, dungerees and a load of fantastic fashion accessories.

The website is Norwegian, and so not the easiest to understand, but the clothing speaks a language we all get.  TheOnePieceBlog will bring you more on this exciting new clothing range over the next few days… why not subscribe to TheOnePieceBlog?

Expect new OnePiece designs thoughtout this year, and maybe we’ll also get the chance to purchase some of this other Norwegian ground-breaking fashion!  Viva OnePiece!


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