Daily Mail snap Louis Tomlinson in his OnePiece

Here we see Nial, Zayn and Louis spotted a few days ago, and again Louis in his navy/grey OnePiece.

OnePiece sales are going through the roof in the run up to Christmas, but there is still stock in the warehouse!  I visited OnePiece last Thursday night to see Chris and Randi working late, getting through orders to send out.

The snow has been a major issue for OnePiece – in one way, it’s been great, as people have used the snow as an excuse to buy a OnePiece.  In another way, it has slowed down delivery as the postman has been snowed in!  If you have ordered one in the last week – just hang on in there – it should be with you early this week!

A few sizes have sold out in the OnePiece stock room, but more stock is due in January.  I can also share some breaking news with you about new designs coming in the New Year too!  Can’t tell you which ones yet, but throughout 2011, all the designs for sale around Europe will be available here in the UK!  Can’t wait!

I was one of those who thought one OnePiece was enough… then I got another one… and have just picked up a marius grey – number 3!  Now, I’m looking at that reversible one coming to the UK… another must have???  How many OnePieces is enough?


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