The OnePiece Road-test in the Guardian newspaper

“The OnePiece is cosy, comfy and trendy. But can a man dressed like a toddler ever be taken seriously?”

That’s how the Guardian start their feature on OnePiece – Patrick Barkham, journalist, wears one for a day to see what happens.  Nice article!

“The insurmountable problem with my OnePiece – the onesie, the rompersuit, the adult babygrow, the all-in-one sported by Sadie Frost, the X Factor band One Direction and a growing band of comfort-seeking hipsters – arises in the full reveal. At first, people stare at me, … then they glance down and catch sight of the zip with a big cotton tag, the dongle that dangles from my low-slung crotch.

“It’s the dingly-dangly zip. It’s quite disturbing really, it’s directing your eyes downwards,” says my landlady, Angela, when I greet her first thing in the morning in my rather surprising suit.

The most coveted Norwegian import since a-ha, the OnePiece threatens to smother all memories of last year’s big Christmas hit, the Slanket, an enormous fleecy blanket with armholes. …  The arrival of the OnePiece on our shores this month – where it has turned up in Harrods as well as online – may be the moment when loungewear, the burgeoning “third wardrobe” that is neither workwear nor sleepwear, comes out of the closet. Every teenager seems to be sporting grey marl tracksuit bottoms. …  And increasingly both adults and teens are displaying a new willingness to publicly parade in outfits that were once reserved for slobbing around in private.

Annie Graham, 16, from Cambridge says plenty of her female friends have one-pieces, including a vintage Kermit-the-frog outfit and a boys’ all-in-one from Primark decorated with footballs.


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