Low stock levels at OnePiece

Due to the massive success of OnePiece over the last two weeks, stocks are running out fast!  The promise on the website is that they will get more stock before the 17th November.  So, apologies for anyone who has tried to order a OnePiece through this blog, and found their favourite design / colour unavailable.  Keep checking back here, and I will be sure to let you know when stock arrives.

The most popular designs at the moment seem to be the Marius Navy (pictured) currently only available in sizes small and extra small.

Other colours and available stock include:

Pink (white cuffs) – L and XXS

Yellow – 2 x L

Blue – S

Purple – XXS, XS and L

Navy – XXS

Lime (white cuffs) – XXS and XS

Peach – XXS, M and L

College grey – XXS, S and XL

Marius Navy – XS and S

However, there are still many lines with good stock levels, including – Summer Red, Fusion Navy and Grey, Fusion Soft Blue and Peach, Fusion Pink and Purple, Stars and Stripes, Royal stripes, Fusion Peach and Grey, Marius Original, Albannach, Pink Chess, Marius Grey and Lollipop.  More stock is coming soon!

Visit OnePiece for more information


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