OnePiece Street Dance video shoot stills

You’ve probably seen the OnePiece promotional video I mentioned a couple of days ago, well the OnePiece blog has been given special permission to share some stills from the video shoot.

James Callum is the main man behind the editing, and along with Jack Lawrence and Alex Knowles, produced a great piece of promotional video.

I love the way the girls are all zipped up at the start of this video showing disorder and chaos in their white OnePieces, then unzip as if entering the world for the first time.  Spot the dirty knees on the white OnePieces – lol.  The girls then unzip even more to reveal their colourful tops before the guys jump into action half way through in their full coloured OnePieces.

How could you resist getting one of these amazing fashion statements?  Own the look, wear with pride!  Come on England, jump in, zip up, and get dancing in your OnePiece!

Go to OnePiece to place your order.

Sadie Frost loves her OnePiece as the Times reported a while ago!


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