X Factor’s One Direction in OnePieces

AMAZING!  You guys are my favourite on X Factor – and now you’re wearing my favourite clothing ever!  One Direction to win the X Factor!

Check out the story on Heat World.  Or here on the Metro.  Also here on the Daily Mail

Niall looks great in his stars and stripes!  Looking good, lads, looking good.

Go to OnePiece to place your order.


9 thoughts on “X Factor’s One Direction in OnePieces

    1. Probably small / mediums:
      OnePiece® has a baggy fit, and we recommend the following sizes, dependent on your own height:
      (If you prefer a slimmer fit, just go one size down)
      4′ 9” – 5′ 2” = XS
      5′ 2” – 5′ 7” = S
      5′ 7” – 6′ = M
      6′ – 6′ 5” = L
      6′ 5”—> = XL

  1. Do you know if they have the green with white cuffs onepiece in stock (the one zayn has) because I can’t seem to find it on the site?


    1. Hoping for new stock coming in a few weeks – but maybe as late as middle of Feb. Unsure which colours and designs are coming in – but keep an eye on the blog for details. All the OnePieces that One Direction wore are running low or are out of stock!



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