Ebay violation

If you’ve arrived at this blog having just viewed an Ebay auction advertising a £20 off discount code – please do not use it. There are a few people trying to advertise their promotion codes through Ebay and hence break Ebay’s terms and conditions.  You cannot use Ebay to advertise or sell a discount code.

Still – OnePiece remains the biggest fashion news of the year, and excitement around them just builds and builds.  Celebrities, students, professionals… everyone is lining up to get these for Christmas.  Get your order in today, and your OnePiece will be all over you in days.  Come on, order, jump in, zip up.  The best warm, fashion-savvy tracksuit, all-in-one, onesie you’ll ever wear.  Oh my, just realised – it’s Sunday afternoon, and I don’t have mine on!  Wait there… OnePiece break…  ahh, that’s better.  Fusion pink / purple is great on Sundays!


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