The Times – OnePiece hits the headlines


A great article from the Times on OnePiece.


“Separate tops and trousers too expensive? This zip-up, all-in-one tracksuit-cum-Babygro thing is this season’s hot item.

Displays of the OnePiece, which officially launches in the UK next month, have been spotted on Davina McCall, Sadie Frost (pictured) and Pixie Geldof. Boys wear them too. The DJ Nick Grimshaw has joined in the fun, while Jude Law is rumoured to have taken to his with the sort of zeal you would think he’d reserve for self-removing trousers.

The fashion designer Nina Ribena, 24, has earned a reputation as “The Onesie Girl”, thanks to her enthusiasm for the product.  “But I think a lot of people are afraid to wear them, especially the tight ones,” she explains. “I sometimes don’t understand why people have such a big problem with it … it’s just like wearing trousers and a top, only they’re connected. It’s not really that out- there.”

When I get home, I step into my OnePiece. It’s warm and comfortable and makes you wonder what would happen if you never went outside again. You can zip the hood up so that it covers your face and you can’t see anything, so my girlfriend and I spend a while doing that. They are quite good for couples, because it’s impossible to argue or say anything serious like “why did you leave the fridge door open all day?” or “we have no money” when you’re dressed like Teletubbies.

We sit on the couch and order pizza. I’m getting used to wearing it, and am debating going out to buy some cans of beer when the delivery man rings our bell. I open the door feeling confident and comfortable, but then he looks at me and doesn’t say anything and I suddenly feel like what I am, a grown man in a giant Babygro.

It’s warm and comfy, but I’m not Jude Law and I’m never wearing this in front of people who might judge me, like pizza delivery men. I hand him the money and tell him to keep the change — a hefty tip — but the message is clear: “This never happened, right?”


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