London Evening Standard loves OnePiece!


OnePiece is really starting to fly in the UK now!  So proud to be in at the start of the success story!  Have a little read of this article from the London Evening Standard…

“If you’ve ever wondered what might be the mid-point between high fashion and ultimate comfort, we think we’ve found it.

The OnePiece, which launches in the UK next month… is, quite simply, an all-in-one tracksuit with a zip right from the crotch to the crown. They will cost you £80-£110 (from depending on the design you choose (from stars and stripes to two-tone) and, I can tell you from experience of my dashing purple one, they’re darned cosy. Once I put it on last night, I was happy to stay swaddled all evening, knowing I was fitting in nicely with the current adult-sleepover trend — made fashionable by Soho House, Miami, which has been hosting exclusive celeb sleepovers since its recent opening.  READ MORE…



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