Haus love OnePiece…

This taken from Haus website, based in York Uni – a great interview with Ole Fjelberg, Managing Director of OnePiece (my friend on facebook!)

“The OnePiece® is an extremely comfortable, yet fashionable all-in-one jumpsuit.  It started up in Norway as a fun thing, but has now developed into one of the most respected brands in the country. Today it’s frequently seen on the streets! It’s loved by everyone we show it to, and definitely loved by everyone that tries it on.”
Why a jumpsuit to relax in?

We wanted to create something easy, extremely comfortable that also looks kind of cool. The OnePiece® is a chill out fashion statement – Who cares! It’s a LOT more comfortable than a tracksuit and looks much better, and it’s made for having fun.

I live in the UK and see it as a very exciting market with loads of great people. So far the feedback in Britain has been great, and I get stopped several times a day (as I always wear my OnePiece®) by people who absolutely love it. It’s always a good feeling to tell them where they can get the garment of their dreams –
Would you say that students were ideally suited to the OnePiece?

Yes, the OnePiece® is made with students in the mind, as it is perfect for everything from chilling out and studying, to clubbing and house parties. [Or Haus parties!] Though everyone likes to be comfortable, and the OnePiece® has a fit and look that is very easy to love, so I know people from all ages, groups and occupations that want one!



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