Insomnia Gaming Festival staff get ready in their @OnePiece onesies

Next weekend sees doors open on the UK’s biggest gaming festival, INSOMNIA!  Gamers and OnePiece have always gone together… it’s like bread and jam, drum and base or Mario and Luigi.

Here’s the festival organisers zipping up for 22-25 August at Ricoh Arena, Coventry.


Check back here next week for pictures OnePiece action.



Dutch Woodstock… in beach and OnePiece combo

Woodstock is the popular arts & entertainment event in the Netherlands where all the cool guys go to take in the sights and sounds of the summer…

Woodstock3Woodstock2 Woodstock4 Woodstock5 Wodstock1 Woodstock7 Woodstock6 Woodstock8

US Big Brother’s Caleb is king in his @OnePiece

This is Caleb… wearing a Fitted Navy / Red / Grey and White OnePiece (currently out of stock) on CBS’s Big Brother.  He’s been made king for the day… in a OnePiece, of course!

Pictures from Wednesday’s BB16 show.

Claim your discount code to use at here.

BB1 BB2 BB3  BB5 BB7 BB8 BB9 BB10 BB11 BB12 BB13 BB15 BB18 BB19BB4

We’re off to Boardmasters!


Anyone want to join us at Boardmasters next week? Click on the picture and leave a comment.  VIP tickets up for grabs!

Hyde Park hang out with @OnePiece and @funkybuddhaClub

We’re doing quite well for summer weather lately… so we hit Hyde Park the other day just to chill with our friends from Funky Buddha nightclub…

Hyde 1Hyde 8 Hyde 7 Hyde 6 Hyde 4 Hyde 3 Hyde 2

Of course, we ended up at Funky Buddha’s for a party through the night.

Pictures from Facebook here.

New lines coming soon to OnePiece

Everybody likes a sneaky peek at things that are around the corner… how about these beauties from OnePiece? Coming soon, the Autumn / Winter collection! By the way… enjoy the summer!

_39A0763OPFW14 _39A0849OPFW14 _39A2276OPFW14 _39A9903OPFW14 _39A1041OPFW14 (1)

@MoAndAho bring us a Yoga Challenge… hysterical!

A great way to start your day… with a OnePiece Yoga Challenge.  Nice shapes, girls!

Sam Pottorff from Our2ndLife (O2L) thanks OnePiece

Sam Pottorff

Sam Pottorff is loving his new OnePiece!  This special edition VOT Clothing onesie design is great for the summer, and for all those YouTube videos Sam produces with his mates in Our2ndLife.

For money off your next OnePiece, check out this special reader’s discount.


@OnePiece snow and party @ThredboResort in Australia

OnePiece is well at home on the slopes, as it is at the end of the day throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Check out the latest OnePiece action in Australia, where thanks to Oz Snow Adventures, we hit the slopes hard, and partied hard at the River Inn.

The OnePiece crew was joined by World Champion Snowboarder Alex Chumpy Pullin, Home & Away stars Demi HarmanAlec SnowTai Hara, and The Voice star Fely Irvine, model Tahnee Atkinson,DJ Georgia Magree, Olympic Snowboarder Chris Booth, Tiger Mist Founder Alana Pallister, Potbelleez’s singer Ilan Kidron and wife Samantha Rebillet award winning film maker and many more.

You can thank James Ambrose from Kuhlektiv for the pictures.

Thredbo1Thredbo 2 Thredbo 5 Thredbo 6 Thredbo 7 Thredbo 8 Thredbo 9 Thredbo 10 Thredbo 11 Thredbo 12 Thredbo 13 Thredbo 14 Thredbo 15

Party time…

Thredbo 16 Thredbo 17 Thredbo 19 Thredbo 20 Thredbo 21 Thredbo 22 Thredbo 23 Thredbo 24 Thredbo 25 Thredbo 26 Thredbo 27

Game of thrones star shows off his camo @OnePiece

This is Art Parkinson – you might know him as Rickon Stark from Game of Thrones (HBO in the US, Sky Atlantic in the UK). He has a lot of love for OnePiece!  Check out his newest addition… the Camo onesie.

Art 8

Art 9

He’s been sharing his love of OnePiece for a while on his Twitter account.

Art 3 Art 5 Art 4 Art P 1 Art 7

Here he is on Ireland’s The Late Late Show.


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